Timkina Elizaveta
UCT Prague Department of Biotechnology
Prague, Czechia
"Thermal radon springs as a source of interesting microorganisms"
Prize from: ASM

Cario Anaïs
CNRS - ICMCB Supercritical Fluids group
Pessac, France
"Introducing high-pressure microfluidics for ultra-fast microbial phenotyping"
Prize from: ISE

Gouveia André a.
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Macromolecular Crystallography Unit
Oeiras, Portugal
"Deinococcus species as a tool for bioremediation of heavy-metals"
Prize from: ISE

Lee Areum
Pusan National University Microbiology
Busan, South Korea
"Engineering of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius for hemicellulosic biomass utilization"
Prize from: ISE

Dos Santos Alef
UFSCar Department of Chemistry
Sao Carlos, Brazil
"Metabolite differentiation of black yeasts grown in a mars global simulant using mass spectrometry and molecular network approach"
Prize from: ISE

Liu Rengwei
Kyoto University Department of Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry Graduate School of Engineering
Kyoto, Japan
"Transcriptional Regulation Of Aromatic Amino Acid Biosynthesis Operons In The Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Thermococcus Kodakarensis"
Prize from: ISE

Zeldes Benjamin
University of Rostock Microbiology
Rostock, Germany
"Expanding the genetic toolkit for T. kivui: identifying sugar inducible and repressible promoters in a model thermophilic acetogen"
Prize from: ISE